High-Quality, Beautiful Photography that tells a story

High-Quality, Beautiful Photography that tells a story

Capture the moment

Capture the moment


My Background

I picked up my first film camera in 1990 to photograph my young sons and never looked back. 

My training and experience in a darkroom at that time led me to understand more about light and exposure. 

Digital imagery has enabled me to learn and explore with my images.

Photography as Communication

I love to garden and meet friends and new interesting people. As a result I get to photograph what I love.

When my camera comes up to my eye I look through the lens and see colors, light, texture and emotions.

It is my way to share what I see with the world around me.

Sharing Stories

Each photo I take has a new and different story behind it, about where I was, who I was with and why I was there among many reasons.

I hope you enjoy the images and feel free to contact me to talk about what I do:

Portraits - Senior and Elder and Family

Landscapes and florals

Architectural photography

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